Monday, 19 March 2018

IMPT! girls training tomorrow (20 Mar) is cancelled.

Please note that girls training tomorrow (20 March) is cancelled. Apologies for the last minute change! Coach Xu has been called to go down for the setup of the National Schools Trampoline Competition.
Boys training is as usual.   

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

photos of SG National Championships 2018

The girls and boys had performed well! Thank you to all, gymnasts, parents and teachers, for the hard work!

Level 2 Team Champions

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Saturday and Sunday SG National Championships

Dear parents of gymnasts taking part in this weekend's SG National Campionships,

I'll be collecting the number tags on Friday at 3pm, the earliest time available. After which, I'll take them along to Bishan Sports Hall on Saturday at 7.15am. We shall meet at the main door. (There'll only be one entrance since it's a ticketed event.) There will be teachers accompanying the pupils throughout the competition. Most of our pupils are involved in the Saturday competitions. Please refer to the previous blog entry on the schedule.

The leotards have been distributed to the girls. Please follow strictly to the washing instructions to prevent colour run. The cost of the leotard, after co-payment by the school, is $64.30. Please:
- write a cheque addressed to 'Nanyang Primary School'
- indicate your girl's name and 'Gymnastics leotard' at the back of the cheque
- pass the cheque to Miss Shanice Lim.
Pupils can approach the staff in the General Office to look for Miss Shanice Lim for submission of cheque.

Thank you,
Mrs Tam

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Term 2 Training Schedule

Mon & Tue: 2-6pm, or 4-6pm for those involved in remedial/supplementary/ETC              
Thur: 2-6pm             
 Fri: Boys 2-6pm  Girls 4-6pm          

13/3 Mrs Y Tu
14/3 Wed  Mdm Peng
15/3 Mdm Sabariah
16/3 Ms Josephine Li
19/3 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
20/3 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
22/3 Mrs Tam
23/3 Mdm Sabariah
26/3 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
27/3 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
29/3 Mdm Peng Xinyi
30/3 Good Fri
2/4 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
3/4 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
5/4 Mrs Tam
6/4 Ms Josephine Li
9/4 Competition
10/4 Competition
12/4 Competition
13/4 Competition
CCA suspended
CCA suspended
CCA suspended
CCA suspended
23/4 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
24/4 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
26/4 Mdm Peng Xinyi
27/4 Ms Josephine Li
CCA suspended
CCA suspended
CCA suspended
CCA suspended
CCA suspended
CCA suspended
10/5 Mrs Tam
11/5 Mdm Sabariah
14/5 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
15/5 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
17/5 Mdm Peng Xinyi
18/5 Ms Josephine Li
21/5 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
22/5 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
24/5 Mrs Tam
25/5 Meet-the-Parent Session 

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Schedule for SG National Championships

Parents, please note the competition schedule if your child is taking part in the competition. If you are supporting your child, you need to purchase tickets online. If you buy tickets on the day of competition, it'll cost more.

All competitors are to meet the teacher stated below at the main door of Bishan Sports Hall Gymnasium at 7.15am. 
No transport provided by the school. Parents to send and fetch child. (No Podium Training for all our competitors. Do not turn up on 9 Mar. I'll be there only for administrative purposes.)
Girls with hair and make up all done from home. Girls hair to be french-braided in two. Eye make up darker pink, to suit the red and platinum leotard. (This year, we have ordered new design leotards for our girl competitors. I'll inform all about the cost when the leotards are delivered here. )   
The teacher or Mrs Tam will pass the number tag to competitors that morning to be pinned on the leotard. All competitors are to stay till the end of the award ceremony. Must inform the teacher when parents pick up competitors after the award ceremony.


Tickets purchase

9 March (Friday) Mrs Tam Podium training 4pm (collect accreditation, bibs, etc)

10 march (Saturday) Mdm Sabariah 7.30-10am Miss Josephine Li 10-12:30pm
WAG Level 2:
Gp A (8 yrs and under- Carrie Ng & Jenna Koh), Gp D (9 and 10 yrs – Kayla, Zoe, Nayla, Ouh Zi Xuan, Michelle, Ling Yu, Sophia & Kimberly)

0730-0755 GENERAL WARM UP 
0755-0800 LINE UP & MARCH IN

11 March (Sunday) Mdm Elaine Teo 7.30-10am Ms May Ng 10-12.15pm
MAG Level 2:
Grp R (11 yrs and under- Shane Lee, Elisha Tan, Jaden Kaiser)
WAG Level 4
Grp W (12 yrs and under – Kelly Ho, Byrdene Teo)

0810-0815 LINE UP & MARCH IN

Saturday, 10 February 2018

update on National Championships organised by SG

We have successfully registered the following pupils for the above competition which will be held on 9 & 10 March at Bishan Sports Hall. More information will be released once I get them from the organiser.

1. Kayla Lee (Level 2)
2. Zoe Ang (Level 2)
3. Nayla (Level 2)
4. Ouh Zi Xuan (Level 2)
5. Sophia Or (Level 2)
6. Jema Koh Lee Xuan (Level 2)
7. Kimberly Tan (Level 2)
8. Michelle Syarif (Level 2)
9. Carrie Ng (Level 2)
10. Pek Ling Yu (Level 2)
11. Kelly Ho (Level 4)
12. Byrdene Teo (Level 4)
13. Shane Lee
14. Jaden Kaiser
15. Elisha Tan 

Term 1 training schedule with teachers-in-charge indicated

Attached is the schedule for parents' easy reference.


4/1 Ms Shanice Lim
5/1 Mrs Tam
8/1 Mdm Elaine Teo, Ms May Ng
9/1 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
11/1 Mrs Tam
12/1 Ms Josephine Li
15/1 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
16/1 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
18/1 Mdm Peng Xinyi
19/1 Mdm Sabariah
22/1 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
23/1 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
25/1 Mrs Tam
26/1 Ms Josephine Li
29/1 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
30/1 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
1/2 Mdm Peng Xinyi
2/2 Mdm Sabariah
5/2 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
6/2 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
8/2 Mrs Tam
9/2 Ms Josephine Li
12/2 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
13/2 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
15/2 CNY eve
15/2 CNY
19/2 CNY
20/2 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
22/2 Mdm Peng Xinyi
23/2 Mdm Sabariah
26/2 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
27/2 Ms Shanice Lim, Mdm Sabariah
1/3 Mrs Tam
2/3 Ms Josephine Li
5/3 Ms May Ng, Mdm Elaine Teo
6/3 Ms Shanice Lim, Mrs Yvonne Tu
8/3 Mdm Peng Xinyi
9/3 Sports Day